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Ai no Senshi Rainbowman BGM Collection (!Wv4GnKaB!vZ4wzi-2W91Fq6kweqB8Zg

Ripped by me in MP3/FLAC.

This is the original soundtrack to the 1983 anime adaptation of Toho's "Rainbowman" show from the 70s. Apparently Toho
wasn't involved in the anime's production in any way whatsoever---I don't know if that may be one of the reasons why the
anime has never seen a home release of some sort, but who knows...

The music itself is interesting, if I may add. A lot of the BGM tracks are rather simplistic in the sense that not many instruments
are used, but despite that, they're still really good! I like the very first BGM cue simply because it gives off an eerie vibe---I can
see it being used in a scene to represent a town or city of some sort that probably used to be very populated at some point, but
now it's just empty and vacant...several BGM cues also have a singer in them---dunno if it could be considered scat singing but
if you guys like that kind of stuff (especially the ones who are into Kazuko Kawashima's works) then you'll for sure like them. Seems
like the composer also might've been a fan of the organ since a good amount of music in this album utilizes it. It's not really a favorite
instrument of mine but the way he used it in the music is actually well done.

Obviously some BGM is missing, but I'm more than satisfied with the amount we got in this album.

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Thanks MartyMcflies!