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It's about time somebody uploaded this...

Dairugger XV Hit Song Collection (!y6gkiYbY!Frnxz24oCLY_G8-LY4B76w

Ripped by me in MP3/FLAC.

Special thanks to an anonymous user for fixing a mixing error in the OP theme!
I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but whoever was originally in charge of mixing the audio during the recording production process
of this album may have accidentally muted out a drum in the beginning of the song. If you listen to the song on YT or on other official
CD compilation albums you'll notice it on there too. However an anonymous user was kind enough to fix this. Thanks so much!!

Anyways, I decided to purchase this and upload it since a lot of people have been requesting it on this forum. I didn't think this
would be a good album since it had fairly low ratings on VGMdb for some time, but this album is NOT bad---I've still yet to fully listen
to some of Yokoyama's other scores, but so far I consider this album to be one of his best works. It's a shame there was no official BGM collection
album released for it...Hit Song Collection albums were usually the first album that an anime show would get first, and if it proved to be popular then
Columbia would release a BGM Collection album afterwards. I'm guessing Dairugger XV wasn't popular in Japan, seeing how very little BGM
has officially been released (and the fact that none of it has ever been released on CD yet).

I've yet to hear another Yokoyama OST that has a similar BGM cue to the very first one on track 13...even though it's short, it's honestly one of the
prettiest BGM cues I've heard from him yet. I've been told that none of his other OSTs seem to have similar compositions to it. Shame.

(Fun fact: the last BGM cue in track 13 is actually just a different version of an already existing BGM cue that Yokoyama composed for Ginguiser.
If you look at the audio sample video Nippon Columbia uploaded for the Ginguister OST you'll see what I mean!)


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Thanks a lot!

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Updated track 7 for the Dairugger XV OST. I forgot to credit "The Chirps" in the artist section for having provided the chorus for that song, it should be fixed now.

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Thank You !!!

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Voltron Vehicles, hell yeah! Thank you very much!

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Thank you.

Blue Impulse
09-01-2018, 05:48 AM
Fantastic post, MartyMcFlies! I've been wanting to hear this for a very long time! It is unfortunate a BGM Collection was never released for this series.

09-01-2018, 09:44 AM
Thank you Marty

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Thanks again Marty!

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Thank you! Awesome!!! Nice to see some Dairugger XV ear candy come to the surface! Yokoyama's incidental tracks for Dairugger are as good as the amazing work he scored for the original Captain Harlock anime!!! Thanks again!!!!

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Wow! My dream come true. I've waited for this album in FLAC for several years. Thanks so much :)

09-04-2018, 11:32 PM
Again this is much appreciated. The one track contains action pieces I thought I'd never get to hear in this lifetime! This is really a gem!!

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Yokoyama Seiji! The best!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks!

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Super album. Thanks so much Marty!

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Thank you MartyMcflies !

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thanks a lot man. i've waited for this since 2013 i think :D