11-08-2018, 11:05 PM

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Anime Series: Yu Yu Hakusho | Dragon Ball Z (Ultimate Battle 22)
Soundtrack: Anime Main Theme & Character Song Collection | Ultimate Battle 22 Game Music Birth Collection
Year: 1994 | 1995
Codec: FLAC

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Kenji Yamamoto - EYE TO EYE! (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Kenji Yamamoto - Royal Guard (Dragon Ball Z)

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EYE TO EYE! (http://corneey.com/wXvLei) | Royal Guard (http://corneey.com/wXvK9P)

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Found it compelling to post "EYE TO EYE!" on its own thread as this was the only Kenji Yamamoto tune on the Yu Yu Hakusho series and coincidentally, "Royal Guard" sounds very much like it. That's to say, a sped-up version. "EYE TO EYE!" came out around 1994 and "Royal Guard" in 1995, just a year after.

Note: "Royal Guard" is commonly known in the West as "Zarbon's Theme" (you may know it better as such).