11-13-2018, 01:54 PM

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Anime Series: Dragon Ball Z
Soundtrack: "Unmei no Hi" Rock Cover
Composer: Enigmo
Year: 2018
Codec: MP3

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Unmei no Hi (Rock Ver.)
Unmei no Hi (Nu-Metal Backing Track, Karaoke)
Unmei no Hi (Rock Ver. + SFX)
Unmei no Hi (Nu-Metal Backing Track, Karaoke + SFX)

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MEGA (http://gestyy.com/wXUsP7)

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Certainly not something you see every day, that there's a Dragon Ball fan out there who composed a quality remix tune to make it rock-based with a pretty awesome Super Saiyan 2 Gohan cover. Also included, is the Music Video he tweaked with his tune. For those who don't know, Enigmo is infamously known in the Dragon Ball community so even though he's a talented guy, that part of his internet persona might not allow him to be as well recognized or get the attention he deserves but changes can happen to anyone, just gotta work towards it.