11-14-2018, 06:46 PM
Since I haven't been able to complete this little project of mine after nearly a decade, I think it is time to hand it over.

I post here the entire Sound-Sample of the RnR Anime, sorted and (lousily named) for whomeever it might concern.!jx1mTIpJ!pNoXBsW6vTxf2gGh1-FxfPJhX9xYCngg3TKs4Lhmcts

I know there are people [][] capable of stitching tracks together.
I would be super satisfied to see someone take over from here and finally get this Soundtrack done - halfway decently.

Vocal elimination, using matlab, ISSE, etc. are all not very promising methods here.

If anything, I lay my hope into the "stitch together multiple samples"-theory.

As I can't muster up the musical ability to do this (tried SoundForge, Adobe Audition etc), I see it fit to have someone else try their hand.

- Regards:


Someone did *some* tracks. Retro version only, but one'll take what one'll get right ?

11-15-2018, 09:59 AM
Thanks a lot!

11-21-2018, 12:02 AM
Should anyone get anything listenable out of this I'd be interested in their methods.