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� Scores �

Soul Eater - Original Soundtrack (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSPNU)
Soul Eater - Original Soundtrack 2 (2009) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSPBp)
Soul Eater - The Best of Soul Eater (2009) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSP1r)

� Singles �

Soul Eater - ED1 Single - I Wanna Be (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSP3p)
Soul Eater - ED2 Single - Style. (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSA0N)
Soul Eater - ED3 Single - Bakusou Yumeuta (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSAws)
Soul Eater - ED4 Single - STRENGTH. (2009) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSAet)
Soul Eater - OP1 Single - resonance (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSArU)
Soul Eater - OP2 Single - PAPERMOON (2008) ~ MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSAuj)

� Comment �

Got all these soundtracks from TheHylia (https://anime.thehylia.com/) so I had to download one by one, and additionally, I also edited the audio tags and added covers/scans to the scores that I came across. It isn't all the Soul Eater soundtracks but at least more or less all available.

Almost all soundtracks are in MP3 (320k), except OP1 Single 'resonance' which is in lossless FLAC. Admittedly, MP3 in this day and age it feels dated compared to lossless copies but still sounds great and it's at the highest bitrate that MP3 can achieve.

The original poster that I downsized from can be downloaded at MEGA (http://ceesty.com/wXSAk3).

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