11-19-2018, 02:30 PM

� Scores �

Dragon Ball GT - BGM Collection ~ Fan Made ~ (1996) [MP3-FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCyGi)
Dragon Ball - Saikyo e no Michi (1996) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCyZJ)

� Singles �

DEEN - Hitori Janai (1996) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCyCI)
Field of View - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikarete 'ku (1996) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCyNk)
Shizuka Kudō - Blue Velvet (1997) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCy1o)
WANDS - Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima o Uchinukō (1997) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCy33)
ZARD - Don't You See! (1997) [FLAC] ~ MEGA (http://destyy.com/wXCy6E)

� Comment �

Dragon Ball GT has never received an official soundtrack CD of its own, so we'll have to make do with the fan-made compilation. I made some changes of which were; re-tagged all tracks and renamed them (as Dragon Ball GT - BGM #00), replaced the OP/ED songs with a lossless version and included the NEP BGM (though the vocals can still be heard in the background).

The album 'Saikyo e no Michi' is from the 4th Dragon Ball movie (Path to Power) but this score also coincides with Dragon Ball GT as it was composed by Akihito Tokunaga and various BGMs can be found on there too. Furthermore, the rest of it, are singles of Dragon Ball GT's Opening and Ending songs.

John L
11-19-2018, 03:13 PM
sir thanks a million times :)
How did you find these Music ?

11-19-2018, 03:27 PM
sir thanks a million times :)
How did you find these Music ?

They're shared on torrent websites and that I had them archived to make this dedicated DBGT post.

I wish there was a high quality version of all GT BGMs but what's available right now is also good.

Anyway, you're welcome. Enjoy. ^_^

11-19-2018, 08:36 PM
Thanks a lot!

11-23-2018, 06:13 AM
Thanks. For some reason, though, aside from the GT Opening, none of the endings received their own TV Size versions of their songs. I wonder why?