12-01-2018, 12:02 PM
This year's final has ended in a tiebreaker, so I thought the best way to deal with this would be to do a poll instead for 3 days! Most votes wins... hopefully! Hopefully the idea of a poll should make more people visit the thread, if you guys want to get other forum users to vote I'd appreciate it!

Route to the Finals

Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Ranking prior to 2018 game: 7th
Ranking in 2011: 9th
Ranking in 2012: 8th
Ranking in 2013: 5th
Ranking in 2014: 3rd
Ranking in 2015: 38th
Ranking in 2016: 103rd
Ranking in 2017: 55th
Total Ranking in 2011 points prior to 2018 game: 116
Points in 2018 game: 22
Opponents in 2018 game: Mustadio (Tactics), Cid (IV), Kain (IV), Edgar (VI), Kefka (VI), Tellah (IV)
Interesting fact: This is the first time since 2011 that a character from FF8 has made it to the final, when Squall won the first ever tournament,

Game: Final Fantasy IX
Ranking prior to 2018 game: 3rd
Ranking in 2011: 5th
Ranking in 2012: 3rd
Ranking in 2013: 2nd
Ranking in 2014: 5th
Ranking in 2015: 33rd
Ranking in 2016: 20th
Ranking in 2017: 11th
Total points prior to 2018 game: 147
Points in 2018 game: 20
Opponents in 2018 game: Vanille (XIII), Basch (XII), Gilgamesh (V), Sabin (VI), Celes (VI), Red XIII (VII)
Interesting fact: Zidane is the highest ranked character NEVER to have won this game, coming 2nd five years ago.


So who wins? Laguna or Zidane?

12-03-2018, 07:41 PM
Not long now until the end of this poll! At the moment we have a winner but there's still around 16 hours to go! :)

12-05-2018, 07:23 PM
Laguna wins! Check out this thread for more stats and info! :D
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