12-02-2018, 09:01 AM
Tobe! Isami is a unique manga by Hasegawa Yuuichi and this is my second favourite anime of the 90s (the best still being Nadesico), and it has the greatest bunch of them all of them all: Satou Tatsuo (who directed Nadesico a year later), the best composer, Serizawa Hiroaki AND the one of the best directors, legendary Sugi'i Gisaburou!!

The music is wonderful, the OP is by TOKIO (legendary song 'Heart wo Migakukkyanai', my favourite 90s OP song) and it's of course included! The quallity is what it is, but still, it's the only rip available.


12-02-2018, 07:15 PM
This is not an official album, your selection of tracks from different places?

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These tracks are similar to those in the official album:
01 Heart wo Migakukkyanai.mp3
02 Shinsengumi Tanjou!.mp3
12 Heisuke Shigusuke no Theme.mp3
08 Ganbaman no Uta.mp3
09 Ai no Komoriuta.mp3
10 Kurotengu wa Osoi-kuru.mp3
11 Get Together.mp3
15 Makeru mon ka!.mp3
13 Happy Birthday~Isami no Theme.mp3
16 Round Trip~Sono Te wo hanasenai de~.mp3

These unknown from:
06 Taosu.mp3
04 Nazo no Teki.mp3
14 Shoryuu.mp3
07 Ryuu no Henshin.mp3
03 Furui Shinsen.mp3
05 Kurotengu-gundan Yatte-kita.mp3

12-03-2018, 05:37 AM
Yes, I know it's not an official album, it's a mix from series (TV?) recorded BGM and OST tracks. There is no BGM music OST for Isami, all tracks of OST are vocal (I guess), but this is the only "soundtrack" for Isami there is. My guess is, someone made this AGES ago (thus the LQ), I just renamed the whole thing and added Heart wo Migakukkyanai.