12-06-2018, 04:32 AM
Hi everyone!

For fans of Captain Future USA version, Here I found on ToyChoreao's YouTube Channel, some mixes with the coolest, funky, catchy, epic, cartoon background music ever composed (probably in all anime from USA), by Mark Mercury (aka Bullets), the same who did the background music for: Angel, Little Lulu, King Arthur, Don Quijote and the Tales of la Mancha, Timefighters, Captain Harlock, Candy Candy, Petter Cottontail, etc. All three mixes are about 7 minutes long...

Note: The music are from extracts of the Ziv International anime series, so they have some sound effects and minnor voices, but mostly are very clean and in good quality, also contains some tracks of the Captain Future record LP. A complete original soundtrack of Captain Future, USA version in CD does NOT exist, just only a couple of clean music included in the Longplay. Enjoy :D

Mix Part 1:

Mix Part 2:

Mix Part 3: