12-15-2018, 02:00 PM
First of all, I am nearly in tears here... for two reason: I VORSHIP J.A. Seazer (I know it's Caesar, but I like Seazer more), and I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS ALBUM!! So when I was looking for some Utena lyrics, I found out that there is a fricken' sequel to my favourite anime OST ever, Utena OST VII -Bara Tamago Soseiroku Sophia- I just HAD to find it... I had blanks before I noticed someone had upped the whole thing in 'Tube so I ripped it there. Seriously, I give ETERNAL thanks to that person, I would marry him/her if I could. Seriously.

The whole name of this album is: Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST XII -Barbara Waisei-ko Mokushiroku -Arsenothelus Zettai Fukkatsu Hikari to Orpheus Zettai Meifu Yami- (!!) and it has 14 tracks, NO BONUS CD INCLUDED. It has scans though (thanks ohtori), and it's completely tagged by me. Quality is 320kbps and it's from 'Tube (final warning). I am going to buy the OST myself so lossless will follow sometime. It is the best OST I will ever listen to. Call me a sentimental fool, but I am in verge of tears here right now.

Anyways, from further ado, I present thee: Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST XII -Barbara Waisei-ko Mokushiroku -Arsenothelus Zettai Fukkatsu Hikari to Orpheus Zettai Meifu Yami- by the one and only Julious Arnest Seazer (Terahara Taka'aki) ENJOY!!!!!!!

v4, with even more few fixes more!!

btw, this OST IS perfect!

La Grenouille
12-15-2018, 07:14 PM
<3<3<3 Thanks a lot for sharing this album !!! �0�

12-15-2018, 09:11 PM
Thanks a lot!

12-16-2018, 07:28 AM
No problem, but the main dish will arrive in next month when I will buy the album and make a lossless version... Gotta say even the mp3 sounds amazing, though.

So, I listened to this with lyrics before me and I must say, this is the most difficult album I have ever seen, literally everything is an allegory to something, and the language they use is pretty far from standard Japanese. But the sheer awesomeness of Tokyo Mixed-Voices Choir and Seazer's divine compositions.. man... It's a totally mind-blowing experience to notice I could read most of the lyrics though, as nigh all my Japanese is self-taught, and being able to "live" with the music, it's wonderful. This is officially my new favourite Japanese album ever, and I think it will be for a long time.

Buy hey, if there's a track that translates roughly to "Monastery Life becomes Flesh Apocalypse", you know it's Seazer right, and I am all in! Yes!

Oh, and this really is OST XII, I am thinking about buying OSTs X and XI, which are arrangements of Utena dueling songs by Mitsumune and Seazer.

BIG NEWS! The correct name of album is "Barbara Wa_i_sei-ko Mokushiroku", not Wasei. So, get v4 here and be amazed, as it has been corrected. A few more fixes also.

Hopefully this is the last version before lossless.