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Ready yourself for the hippest corner of the Anime Music scene. You're bored because there's no Jazz in media entertainment? Your tired of Milquetoast Jazz and want something rad and vitalizing? An euphonia of black notes, the freest of the freestyle, the goodest of the good times? Then lets hit the music and kick the beat:

Legacy of Japan
feat. Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts, King Tanaka, Yuji Ohno & Lupinitic Friends, Screaming Kikuchi, Frenzy Hashimoto & many more

Part I (!HfxgSKJb!ChzOuthVV_n0R27PvxVR3zyW0xacaTpIkEHlqTvC-zk) / Part II (!jWwSESoT!I5W4xxpW34QIl7SdwPqIz6bNdl9WCewzzEUgC22422w) / Part III (!zWpiEQxI!p6V-CxLzh92EYtZEpN4wfvhRdmfrUHuIvNMNW_zLknw)

Dive into the world of blue notes! (

A celebration and a closer look at the survival of Jazz and its various subgenres in Japan's primary Medium in the 21st Century. A medium of artists, musicians and fans forming a cycle of perpetuating coolness.

The Frenzy

Pure artistic expression you won't find in any other medium. Major franchises with some of the coolest, most rad and absolutely crazy Jazz of the highest quality.

The Standard

Some of the best of what most people think of when they hear "Jazz". A smooth collection of lifelong projects and the occasional album that is quality-approved Jazz Standard.

The Action

Jazz and Television scoring combined to a Spy-thrilling Action Spectacle you won't forget. A collection of Kotaro Nakagawa's rad Jazz style.

The Wonderland

A landscape of a celebration of Jazz, its various subgenres and a general adoration for an idealized American Culture of cozy Jazz bars on rainy days, Big Band Festivals and skyscrapers of dreams.

Part of what�s going on in Japan is simply the globalization of taste, culture, cuisine and the way that, in the modern world, you can get almost anything everywhere. But Japanese American Style is more than that. There�s a special way that the Japanese sensibility has focused on what is great, distinctive and worthy of protection in American culture, even when Americans have not realized the same thing. It isn�t a passing fad. It�s a long-standing part of Japanese culture, and, come to think of it, as more Americans are exposed to products, music or visual art revived or reinterpreted by Japanese designers, artists and musicians, the aesthetic is essentially becoming part of American culture again. If you ever wonder which of the reigning American tastes, sounds, designs or styles will last into the future, there�s no better place to answer that question than in the stores and restaurants, the bars and studios, the television and computer screens of Japan. They often know us better than we know ourselves.


I think this collection examplifies the �coolness� factor I believe Anime holds for many young Japanse music artists and why it is currently the greatest visual medium for expression of creative (musical) talent. Not that Iwasaki wouldn�t be example enough. Everything is in there from Bebop to HipHop Jazz, and all so wonderfully out of time, all styles accumulating, for sexual innuendos, smooth criminals and shady bars. And it all got that swing! A renaissance of Jazz in all flavors, under one banner: Anime Jazz.

Ex1 (Still the Best) (
Ex2 (But this one is close) (
Ex3 (or that one) (
Ex4 (best short PV out there) (
Ex5 (Animated freeform Jazz) (
Ex6 (Animated Jam session) (
Ex7 (Fantasy America) (
Ex9 (Fantasy New York) (
Ex9 (Samurai Jazz) (
Ex10 (Shouwa Jazz) (

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