04-25-2019, 05:23 AM
Ok first time posting here and have not used boards and such in a hot minute... here goes.(coding or presentation might be lackluster)
I dont know if this has been done or posted here yet, but i wanted to give back in some way or form.
I'm also new to this ripping cd to flac kind of thing, and sharing or posting rips in general, so some things might not look/be right.
I have more yugioh vocal best cd rips to come(zexal,5ds and arc-v sadly i have not gotten the first series vocal best cd yet), and maybe something else.
I'd like to say i'm not really a yugioh fan, but i love their opening and closing songs, so i was so happy to see they have cds like this.
Annndddd I hope there are no problems with the files ;c. Enjoy!


Title: YU-GI-OH! Duel Monsters GX Vocal Best!!
Type OST: Anime Compilation Soundtrack
No. of tracks: 8
Format: Flac
Release Date: Sep 19, 2012
Size: FLAC /233 MB
Personal Rip
Host: Mega


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Thank you.

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Thanks brotha

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Thank you so much!