05-16-2019, 04:19 PM
Here is the complete version of Zoids Fuzors OST, as I added the rare single by 2am, 'enemy of life' with full version of OP and ED of Fuzors. Why? Because the OP and ED are composed by the great Tetsuya Komuro. Sadly the ED theme, self control 2004, does not have anything to do with the classic Laura Branigan song, but it's a cool song anyways... however, the last 20 seconds of this full version is just AWFUL! You have been warned... I wonder why T.K. decided to make such an annoying outro. :D Oh, and the whole thing has been retagged by me. Enjoy, or something.

mp3 128-192kbps (I know, sucky, but it's the only version I found)


Does anyone have the RAWs for Fuzors, Japanese? I found two versions, other is subbed in Chinese and other is by Aaru Raws... both are old as heck and not seeded anymore. I really would love to watch Fuzors someday in it's Japanese "glory".