05-20-2019, 06:02 PM
Been doing alot of single character only challenges lately(well actually I just did a Tidus/Yuna OSG NE--except for Magic Urn, challenge), and one of the things I realized that set this game apart from some of the other games, when the party first visits the Farplane, Tidus is actually embarrassed to realize the root of his father issues is because he had mommy issues. Was quite refreshing to have a character who thought their parental issues were stupid.

And after they defeat Flux, when Tidus tells everyone Sin is Jecht, I still think his phraseology could have been better..."I felt him...inside...and I knew it was true."

At the end, when Tidus is vanishing, he tells Yuna "I have to go.", I couldn't help wondering last time "What, is he late for the bus?" I mean seriously, he's disappearing so he was 'going' no matter what, did it really matter where he was? What would happen to him if he didn't jump off the airship and presumably 'fly' into the Farplane? Detention? You either go to the Farplane or you cease to exist period, don't you? And he was doing both in a way...