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I have made this thread in order to clear uo anyones confusion on how to get the three special dresspheres. This info was all taken out of the Prima giudebook.

Yunas Floral Fallal: To get Yunas special dressphere, head south along the Djose highroad during chapter 2. Keep moving intil you spot some of LeBlancs Fem goons. Follow them intil they start talking about losing a dressphere. Then, about halfway down the road, start looking for a dresssphere. Its on the side of the road, so you cant miss it.

Rikkus Machina Maw: To get Rikkus special dressphere, go to the Oasis during Bikanel Desert mission in chapter 2. Once at the oasis, you should see it washed up on the waters edge.

Paines Full Throtle: To get Paines special dressphere, you must talk to Trommel four times during the capture Oaka mission in chapter 1. Once this is done, it will trigger a scene where he gives you the special dressphere. Also, you can obtain it in chapter 2 by doing the exact sme thing during the Musician search Mission.

I'm sorry if I broke a rule or anything, but recently I've seen alot of threads being made over these exact same questions, with alot of diffrent,and confusing answers.

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cool you should put the items that power them up

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Power Up items

Floral Fallal: You must obtain the items Aurora Rain and Twilight Rain. Aurora Rain is contained in a treasure chest inside a cave at the bottom of the gorge at the Clam Lands during chapter 5. Twilight Rain is found in a treasure chest below the water falls at Besaid Island during chapter 5.

Machina Maw: You must obtain the Machina Reactor and the Machina Booster key items. The Machina Booster is found in a treasure chest near the lift to the Youth Leage headquarters during chapter 5. In order to obtain Machina Reactor, you must dispatch 5 chocobos from Claskos chocobo ranch at the Calm Lands out into Spira looking for items. In addition, they all must be level 5. When you return, Clasko will report that the chocobos found a secret dungeon at the Calm Lands. The item is in that dungeon.

Full Throttle:You must obtain the two key items Victor Primoris and Corpus Invictus. Victor Primoris is located on a ledge just over the side of the northern most curve in the Mi'ihen Highroad. To reach the item, ride a chocobo there and wait in the gap for a few seconds intil the chocobo offers to go. First, the Chocobo will fly up to a diffrent chest, but if you wait a few seconds, it will go to where the Victor Primoris is located. Corpus Invictous is located in one of the chests inside the secret dungeon of the Thunder Plains. During Chapter 5, go to the Thunder Plains and defeat all the fiends attacking the Lightning Towers. After that, an Al Bhed man will offer to take you to the secret dungeon. After finding Cid inside, open all the secret doors to get the Corpous Invictous

With these items, you can achive break damage limit and break hp limit. I hope this has been of some use to somebody, because it took me forever to type...

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kool i was gonna do it but i wasnt 100% sure on where to find them

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Anyway, if anybody needs help for FF X-2, just pm me, and I'll be happy to give ypu any info you need. Character stats, fiend stats, where to find any item, and anything else you can think of. I have it all.