06-01-2019, 01:20 AM
Who is trying to find/get the GL8 Game Music Sets


To every game there are sets of all the music and sound in it.

The ones with GL8 are special, made into files in yet another good way.

Also seen with the same are VBR and dots between each part of the filename.

If more people get on, stay on, upload, and download the torrent at (see link at bottom) it will work better.

There are other ones, many of them are not in the big one.

Never got 100% on my computer, came out in 2005 and I missed the good seeding time.

Once in a while 1 or 2 seeds pop up and I never get them.

Let's all keep trying, whoever wants the good stuff.

Like and love more complete file collections.

Note that the file names get long so save shorter paths between Drive C and Desktop.

You can upload the ones you have to MEGA. Check Usenet. Looking forward to how MK64 and DKC2DKQ sound.