06-29-2019, 01:59 AM
Anyone getting problems with using Google account email to be here if you want? It's confusing! Because after I register using a Google account, I can't receive a email to confirm the account until I use another email account to register like a Outlook email to register. If I want to register, it can't be with a Google account here. There are tons of other vBulletin forums that I don't receive this problem. What's the point of this happening here for me? I believe that if this error happens here, this happens everywhere but I have to clarify why. I asked on Reddit asking about why I can't register. I never got answered on that question, I came to realize I have to preffer using other specific email account providers like Outlook, Yahoo, just to be here. If I search about it on Google, no real search result tells why this happens. It's a mystery.