06-30-2019, 02:52 AM

I've been coming here for a long time, although I only post in fits and starts! I used to be on some other sites, like one called Groovy Fab, but I think it went away. As I mentioned in a question in the Questions and Feedback section, I have been going through my old files and I have a lot of things that I would be happy to share before I delete them (I need to make room, but it's kind of sad to just delete them without doing something to make sure they live on).

I ran a blog long ago, but keeping up with that is probably more trouble than I am up for. If anyone can suggest other forums or sites I could visit, I would appreciate it. I have a lot of things all over the place genre wise. Other than film/television/Disney/anime/video game music that fits here, I have things I think don't fit here as well.

I also have lots of comic book scans, old time radio and some ebooks, although I'm mostly going through my music right now. I've noticed I also have picked up many related graphics along the way like posters and things, if there's anywhere to put those.

If it is inappropriate to ask this, please let me know and I will remove the question! I assume that answers would best be private messages to protect the other sites.

Also, if there's anything you've been looking for, send me a message and it will be in my mind while I go through things, and if I happen upon it, I will happily send you a copy.

Many thanks,