07-15-2019, 04:44 PM

I'm interested in creating a sound effects free fan made film score for my soundtrack collection with some of my movies & I'd like someone to please give me instructions on how to do it on mac please.


Prince Jay
07-16-2019, 12:40 AM

Hope this helps!

08-07-2019, 07:06 PM
Question: How do you isolate the music portion of an avi/mp4/etc? Is there a way? It would be nice to have the score for some of the rarer films I've downloaded like The Flight Of Dragons or The Elmchanted Forest but simply recording it in Audacity and removing the vocals doesn't sound that great.

Prince Jay
08-07-2019, 10:08 PM
It depends on the audio codec(2.0 stereo, 5.1 Dolby, etc)

A pro audio converter can help, if it’s 5.1...
if there’s an isolated score feature with a 2.0 track, then you can use the same technique

But, if the movie has sound effects everywhere(left, right, center), I’m afraid you’re out of luck