07-18-2019, 03:58 AM

So I've been trying to collect all the recordings used in Kubrick's Shining, using official digital/CD releases when I can, and boots when necessary. I've been using this PDF ( as reference, as well as A/B comparisons between the recordings and my Shining DVD.

The only recording I'm stumped on is Penderecki's "Awakening of Jacob" (aka Dream of Jacob). The original Shining soundtrack album and the PDF credit the recording to the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Penderecki in 1975. The only version (other than on the original ST) I can find with these credits is this [SPOTIFY] (, yet when I did my A/B, there was no match. They sound very similar (the original ST version on YouTube for comparison) ( but you can hear how the ST swells up from silence in the beginning while the SPOTIFY begins abruptly. Also, the SPOTIFY clocks in at 7:32 while the ST is 7:50, almost 20 seconds longer. The original ST version DOES match with my DVD and is the correct version. However, I can NOT find the ST version anywhere -- on any format -- other than the original ST release. All of the other recordings in The Shining (other than the Carlos pieces) were pre-existing before the movie, and have been rereleased on CD since. The only places I can find the ST "Jacob" are on (1) the original album and (2) boots sourced from what I assume is the original album.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has any info on the origin of the ST version and if it can be found elsewhere. Thanks.