07-20-2019, 03:59 AM
I am a big fan of sites that do remixes of games like OCRemix, Thasauce, DoD and others, I have all the remixes of these sites, including some that have been removed for several reasons. I'm looking for some remixes of old championships that for some reason are no longer in any corner of the internet to download. Maybe I will find here some fan that has some of them, I would be very grateful for the help:

The site is this ( (direct from the Wayback Machine):

PRC11 ( (Kirby's Block Ball - Main Theme)

Kirby Chaos By Mythril Nazgul
K-Bizziby By Rellik

PRC18 ( (Final Fantasy VIII - Assault on Dollet)

Mid Dawn By Lasakon

PRC26 ( (Mega Man 7 - Shade Man)

Three By DMLee

PRC45 (2-19) ( (Kirby 64 - Cave Theme)

DJCrapper piano solo By DJ Notte

MnP1 ( (Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme)

Drum ‘n Battle by Trism
FF7 Battle by DrumJ8
FF7 Battle by HarryUp
Bonus Mix: Horny Suk 3 5 Ever by Damashi! 

RWS0201 ( (Country Road)

Frogger’s Journey The Forgotten Relic - The Mystic Sands of Nightfall Desert by Cosmic Sounds feat. Flexstyle

I've also been looking for the various remixes lost from VGMix until I found some remixes of the first version of VGMix on a mirror site. There were a lot of songs with no game name and artist, but when checking out the Wayback Machine website, I managed to figure out most of the artists and the original games, but there were still 43 remixes without the name of the game. I came here hoping someone could help me figure out the original source of each remix in this case. Here is the list of artists on the left and songs with mp3 links (from the original ocmirror website) on the right:

Ater Draconis
Forest Shadows Shadows.mp3

Pyramid(Tetrahedronic Mix) Mix).mp3

Draygon Khoren
Saying Goodbye Saying Goodbye.mp3

eLeVAtor MuSick MuSick.mp3

Martian Invasion Remix Invasion Remix.mp3

Town Tune Tune.mp3

Jazzy Cat Cat.mp3

The Devil Devil.mp3

Welcome Home Home.mp3

13 Second Enemy second enemy.mp3

Two Enemies Enemies.mp3

Bruce is Running is running.mp3

Damage Theme Theme.mp3

Fight-3 Theme Theme.mp3

First Place Place.mp3


Beast Machine Machine.mp3

Darkness and Ice and Ice.mp3

Sergio Thomas
Solomons Crown Crown.mp3

The Police Station Police Station.mp3

Soul Sypher
Resident Evil Remixed-Tribute Evil Remixed-Tribute.mp3


Calm (Elevator JDNB Fusion) (Elevator JDNB Fusion).mp3

Ocean Nine Nine.mp3

The Graceful Failure
100 Year Old Trance Year Old Trance.mp3

Church of Despair of Despair.mp3

Crimson Sky Sky.mp3

Does God Exist? God Exist_.mp3

Isolated Village Village.mp3


Lonely Winter Night Winter Night.mp3

Moon Base Siege Base Siege.mp3

Sacrificial Offering Offering.mp3

Score Breaker Breaker.mp3

Stupid Clutz Clutz.mp3

Temple of the Enlightened Ones of the Enlightened Ones.mp3

The Final March Final March.mp3


Jazz's Conspiracy's Conspiracy.mp3

thanks to all who have read and I will be grateful to anyone who helps to find the songs of the competitions or the name of the remixes games of the VGMIX