07-31-2019, 09:45 PM
As most might already know, Tangerine Trees was a fan project supported by the band, of collecting live concerts and rare tracks by Tangerine Dream and compile them on CDs as files, all with covers and ready to "produce" at home with a CD writer.

Unfortunately support for the project was withdrawn (and some "Trees" released officially) at some point and downloads disappeared. Back then it was a huge amount of data, so some people (including me) only caught a few bits of it.

Ever since I've been wondering if complete archives might exist somewhere on the net. Since the original files were in SHN format (a now forgotten lossless format, had they only chosen FLAC...), maybe someone even converted them.

So if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful. :)

08-16-2019, 10:44 AM
Exactly what was the name of that collection, do you know how many CDs was made up? I'd have to check, I might have something, but not FLAC but MP3

08-17-2019, 05:43 AM
you can get the TT CDs here:


08-17-2019, 10:10 PM
Thank you very much, that's what I was looking for!