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08-26-2019, 11:30 PM
Recently, I did a search to see if anyone had posted the missing cinematic cues from METAL GEAR SOLID which has been the the Most-Sought-After music for any MGS Fans or VG soundtrack collectors for years. The cinematic cues were originally composed by Gigi Meroni ( along side with the others key members of KCE Japan Sound Team. Tried to reach out to him about a composer's promo CD that was floating around the internet () that contained some of the missing cues from the game, but no response back. Then I came across someone on Soundcloud by the name Vincent S�journ� (
) who is a independent composer who's actually re-composing the missing cues similar to PythonBlue's re-composings of Brad Fiedel's iconic TERMINATOR 2 ( Soundtrack. In a private message, Vincent explains that he actually acquired the material use in composing the game's score from Meroni himself and is working on finishing the MGS Soundtrack. Vincent also has a YouTube ( channel which he updates more than his Soundcloud account which he just added two more cues from MGS including one re-creation which he captures the spirit of the MGS Universe.

Lately, he hasn't been getting a lot of traffic about his Fan project yet not many know about this. If you guys are interested and want to his Fan project continue, definitely show him support by like, comment, share, and subscribe to his channels. Let him know there are those on the net that interest in seeing this through to the end. Also check out his other works which are really good as well.