08-29-2019, 01:07 PM
Astral Chain - Nintendo Switch BGM GameRip - MP3 320kbps - 293 tracks

Credits : bxaimc from hcs64 forum

Mega link : Astral_Chain_NSW_RiP_MP3_320kbps.rar - 643.6 MB - 293 tracks!85Uz3ahQ!UDAA2RYU5Jrp1vZNGzpz3nVKPwQ0Id7bTQOKn74JaR0

08-29-2019, 02:45 PM
Thanks for the upload, but the tracks aren't labeled. Can you fix this?

08-29-2019, 03:45 PM
How come they could be labeled because the whole game isn't out yet?

08-29-2019, 03:50 PM
There might be an official track listing. Also, if they are ripping it from the game, then they must have an early release of the game, no?

Vector Harbor
08-29-2019, 04:05 PM
We do have the sound selection but as you could guess, it's far from complete.

08-30-2019, 01:37 AM
293 tracks? No... FREAKING... way!!!!!!

Vector Harbor
08-30-2019, 02:20 AM
293 tracks? No... FREAKING... way!!!!!!

Don't get too exciting, them are split into multiple part and the looping is nowhere to be found.

08-30-2019, 03:10 AM
Don't get too exciting, them are split into multiple part and the looping is nowhere to be found.

Hopefully they're found or understood, if not then they'll have to be manually looped huh?

Vector Harbor
08-30-2019, 03:21 AM
Hopefully they're found or understood, if not then they'll have to be manually looped huh?

It's not like there's a small part where it could loop.


It just straight up fade out.

08-30-2019, 09:02 PM
I wonder who's gonna input the entire list of tracks for Astral Chain...?

09-01-2019, 03:11 AM
I'll take that as a no.

10-15-2019, 01:54 PM
I am actually working on a sort of list to at least match the riptitles with their ingame appearances

10-16-2019, 03:18 AM
I am actually working on a sort of list to at least match the riptitles with their ingame appearances

Thank you!

10-16-2019, 05:49 PM
Hello everyone ! I am currently working on classify every tracks, name theme, try to loop theme... well just trying to make a real soundtrack out of it !!
The hardest is behind me, but I still have one big thing to do : Find where all the cinematics tracks belongs. The game has unique tracks for almost every cinematic in the game, so it's pretty long work. Other than that, I have listened and kinda classify all the 293 tracks, and now it's actually not that bad, I just need to loop the ones that can be looped (not all of them, sorry), put together the ones that are splitted (evolutive music through a battle, for exemple...), and named the ones that don't have names yet. And make the tracklist.

I'm sorry, I should have said that earlier, cause now I see that someone is working on the tracks too !! I hope it's ok !!

Anyway, thank you for posting this amazing soundtrack !! Loved the game, love the soundtrack. It's the first time that I'm doing this, but it's very rewarding to find all the pieces and mash them together.

10-16-2019, 11:35 PM
We can combine our work actually
I have tracked every cinematic so far (Outside of a few red cases I think). Edit: cant send you Pm for some reason

I will put the list of cinematics up here.

(I numbered every track in alphabetical order. Some youtube videos did the same. So this list is not chronological. Also titles are generic)
07. 25253577.wem (File 01 Cutscene 02: Saved by The Legatus)
10. 31760183.wem (File 02 Cutscene 10: Losing the Captain)
14. 58123140.wem (File 07 Cutscene 01: Homunculus Gamma Hatches)
18. 68856338.wem (File 09 Cutscene 01: Jena's Declaration)
20. 89837470.wem (File 07 Cutscene 03: A Black Legion)
23. 95378501.wem (File 09 Cutscene 04: Jena Evolves)
28. 116344700.wem (File 05 Cutscene 04: Jena's Data)
29. 121045705.wem (File 11 Cutscene 02: Yoseph Arrives)
37. 152965077.wem (File 04 Cutscene 02: Codename Aello)
40. 162810557.wem (File 10 Red Case Cutscene: Merging Hounds)
41. 165035542.wem (File 10 Cutscene 02: Codename Kronos)
74. 283735815.wem (File 09 Cutscene 03: Jena Confronts Yoseph)
75. 284096983.wem (File 02 Cutscene 07: Legions turn into the Nemesis)
78. 294817401.wem (File 11 Cutscene 03: Birth of Noah)
80. 305018000.wem (File 04 Cutscene 01: The Seekers Talk to Yoseph)
81. 307477301.wem (File 04b Cutscene 03b: Jena's Taunts)
91. 342250624.wem (File 02 Cutscene 09: Escape from the Astral Plane)
92. 342719773.wem (File 02 Cutscene04b: Pulled into the Astral Plane)
97. 363586659.wem (File 11 Cutscene 06: Noah Prime Chained)
103. 389070257.wem (File 03 Cutscene 02: Introducing Brenda)
112. 429550943.wem (File 02 Cutscene 08: Chaining the Nemesis)
113. 430111818.wem (File 05 Cutscene 01: Redshift Labs)
114. 432527588.wem (File 07 Cutscene 03: Gamma Powered Up)
115. 610239672.wem (File 04 Cutscene 03c: Separated)
135. 526486834.wem (File 03 Cutscene 02: Introducing Lappy)
140. 548158667.wem (File 04 Cutscene 06: Akira Wounded)
152. 588045609.wem (File 11 Cutscene 04: Holding Noah's Core Back)
158. 602246104.wem (File 02 Cutscene 06: Chimera Surprise Attack)
163. 610239672.wem (File 04 Cutscene 03a: Jena's Welcome)
164. 612138286.wem (File 05 Cutscene 03b: Surrounded by Beasts)
165. 617221308.wem (File 02 Cutscene 01: Akira Talks)
166. 617906315.wem (File 09 Cutscene 06: Jena Apotheosis)
167. 617978625.wem (File 02 Cutscene 05: Legion Battle in the Astral World)
169. 620418676.wem (File 03 Cutscene 04: Codename Archer Nemesis)
170. 630033963.wem (File 04 Cutscene 05: Fighting Jena)
172. 643561706.wem (File 06 Cutscene 02: Homunculus Beta Landing)
173. 651135854.wem (File 01 Opening Cutscene)
174. 654638684.wem (File 08 Cutscene 02: Codename Axe Nemesis)
179. 667621819.wem (File 01 Cutscene 03: Your Own Legatus)
180. 670310962.wem (File 06 Cutscene 01: Blue Evolve Corruption)
191. 700825667.wem (File 05 Cutscene 05: Jena's Protolegions)
195. 719796329.wem (File 11 Cutscene 07: The Final Attack)
196. 725404370.wem (File 10 Cutscene 10: New Invader in the Sewers)
201. 732520601.wem (File 07 Cutscene 02: Protolegions Attack)
208. 749120700.wem (File 03 Cutscene 04: Archer Nemesis Attacks Akira)
209. 759560274.wem (File 09 Cutscene 05: Jena's Choice)
220. 799216195.wem (File 09 Cutscene 03: The Ultimate Homunculus)
225. 821009707.wem (File 09 Cutscene 07: Legion Fusion)
227. 828682679.wem (File 02 Cutscene 04a: Pulled into the Astral World
230. 847988546.wem (File 10 Cutscene 06: Siblings Collapse)
232. 860579889.wem (File 03 Cutscene 01: Attack on the Lab)
245. 903692836.wem (File 08 Cutscene 02: Remembering Dad)
246. 903991455.wem (File 05 Cutscene 02: Codename Beast Nemesis)
248. 909064013.wem (File 02 Cutscene 02: Landing in Grand Avenue)
252. 926386781.wem (File 02 Cutscene 03: The First Gate)
253. 927258310.wem (File 09 Cutscene 08: Jena's Demise and the Ravens)
254. 930805787.wem (File 10 Cutscene 07: Yoseph Begins his Plan)
258. 941192400.wem (File 10 Cutscene 05: Akira Fuses)
261. 945892584.wem (File 10 Cutscene 04: The Ravens Unmasked)
271. 983629732.wem (File 11 Cutscene 05: Codename Noah Prime)
273. 985326190.wem (File 01 Cutscene 04: Synched Up)
280. 1017436462.wem (File 04 Cutscene 04: Codename Arm Nemesis)
284. 1029682259.wem (File 10 Cutscene 03: Akira Apears in the Sewers)
285. 1031151230.wem (File 11 Cutscene 07: The Final Arrow) (Interestingly the music for the final cutscene is different depending on which Legion makes the final attack)
293. 1072348060.wem (File 10 Cutscene 01: Waking Up)

I havent found every track so far
especially the short sequence endings/starters are hard to place.
It was also annoying that 3 or so cinematics were in fact just 2/3 scenes pasted together

10-17-2019, 12:13 PM
About the PM I really don't know why ? I added you as a friend, we'll try again I guess. (These are literally my first two message so I'm not really used to this site haha)

That's really great, thank you !! Definitely going to save me some time. About the titles I think it's fine, I'll probably just remove the "File XX Cutscene XX" and just put them in chronological order.
Also, since the cinematic tracks have a way different mix than the other tracks (way lower, also the volume will change when characters are supposed to speak etc), I was thinking about putting them separately ? Like having a "CD 2" with all of the cinematic tracks, and "CD 1" would just be all the others. But I'm not really sure, what do you think ? I just feel like it would be weird to have them in the middle of the "normal mixed" tracks.

And yeah, there's so much track that are just some short weird stuff that could belong anywhere, I think I will not bother putting them in the final soundtrack, cause it's not really interesting to listen to it tbh...

10-17-2019, 12:51 PM
There is some definite audio imbalance for the cutscene tracks. Maybe audacity could fix that *shrug*.

I think you need more than a few posts before you can receive PMs
When i am back from work, I will just post a list of tracks that I havent figured out yet, and maybe you did.
There do seem to be some battle tracks that just werent in the game. (maybe they're in special cases?)

10-17-2019, 10:40 PM
Yeah I guess I can fix that but it's gonna be hard to make it perfect... and also very annoying to do for all of it :(

Yes, I'll see what I can do ! Some of them are really hard to find, but I also know for a fact that there are some unused tracks.

10-19-2019, 12:57 PM
I found all area(and combat phases) but did not note which ripfile it was. they are all in there nonetheless. once i got the time i can upload this.

10-19-2019, 08:32 PM
Those are the easy ones
Allthough some areas do have a brief opening that only plays like once (like Ark Mall)

10-20-2019, 08:57 AM
yeah thats splitted in those 2-6sec tracks. i didnt bother getting them^^

10-20-2019, 03:12 PM
Don't worry, I already have all of the area and combat phase ;)
I'm gonna send you a list of everything that I have right now, I think I'm beginning to have a pretty decent list !

First of all and obviously, I have all of the tracks that were in the Sound Selection :

1. Savior
2 Emergency
3 Awakening
4 Task Force Neuron
5 Central City [Combat Phase] (I have the intro !)
6 Invaders from Another World
7 Astral Plane
8 Astral Plane [Combat Phase] (+intro)
9 Maison Forest - Midnight [Combat Phase]
10 Fragments of Hope
11 Ark Mall [Combat Phase]
12 Homunculus α
13 Harmony Square Station [Combat Phase] (+intro)
14 Legion Assault
15 Zone 09 - Daytime [Combat Phase]
16 The Holy Order of the Digital Hermit
17 Homunculus β
18 Homunculus γ
19 Jena Anderson
20 Jena - Rebellion and Salvation
21 Jena - Catastrophe
22 Rush!!
23 Madness
24 Dark Hero - Female ver.
25 Dark Hero - Male ver.
26 Aegis Research Institute
27 Aegis Research Institute [Combat Phase]
28 The Only One
29 Yoseph Calvert
30 Noah Prime
31 The Answer

And now, what I personally have :

-Aegis Research Institute (First Part of the last file)
-Ark Mall
-Ark Sewer Management
-Ark Sewer Management (Combat Phase)
-Case Trial
-Central City
-Dark Hero - Female ver. (Instrumental)
-Dark Hero - Female ver. (Voice Only)
-Dark Hero ~ Male ver. (Instrumental)
-Dark Hero ~ Male ver. (Voice Only)
-Emergency 2 (There's actually a lot of tracks like that, that just plays whenever there's... an emergency. I think I have at least five in this category)
-Harmony Media Center
-Harmony Square Station
-Hermit Hideout
-Hermit Training
-Legion Captured/Binded
-Maison Forest: Midnight
-Neuron HQ
-Savior (Instrumental)
-Savior (Short Version)
-Savior (Voice Only)
-Task Force Computer
-Unnamed Area Theme #3 (Those are the real name that I could actually find online)
-Unnamed Area Theme #3 (Combat Phase)
-Unnamed Area Theme #5
-Unnamed Area Theme #5 (Combat Phase)
-Unnamed Area Theme #7
-Unnamed Area Theme #7 (Combat Phase)
-Zone 09: Daytime
-Zone 09: Lower Level (+intro)
-Zone 09: Night
-Zone 09: Night (Combat Phase)
-Zone 35: Grand Avenue
-Zone 35: Grand Avenue (Combat Phase)
-Chimera Takedown (+ Intro and Outtro)
-Homunculus Delta (why was this one not in the Sound Selection...)
-Lappy Mini-game
-The Last Elevator (Literally the last elevator before the final battle) (+intro)
-Noah Core (+intro)
-Noah, Soul of Ambition
-Think Fast (this is when you run with the beast legion in the Aegis Research center, right before the last elevator)

I also have some cutscene tracks that I've found before, so I tried to named them according to where they would appear... But now thanks to Kadron I probably have every cutscenes tracks with the real names :)

-Creation (Very first cutscene in the game)
-Something you can't see (when you're beaten and then saved by your father)
-Starting Up (When you start up your legion for the first time)
-Homunculus on the Highway (when... you know... there's an Homunculus... on the Highway...)
-The Gates to our True Future (Jena speech broadcast everywhere in the Ark)
-Only I Can Save Humankind (Confrontation between Jena and Joseph)
-Show me what you've got (Interestingly, this one kinda works as an intro for "Yoseph Calvert")
-The Savior of All Existence (When Yoseph become Noah)

I think this is everything that I have right now, + all of the cutscenes as I was saying.
Of course, I still have some tracks that I have no idea where they belong. If I cannot figure that out, I'll probably just put them in the "Unamed" category. I'll keep you updated !

10-20-2019, 11:55 PM
well based on that
And assuming you have all the parts for the multitrack music (like 4 parts for Noah Core etc)
I can help fill in some blanks

219. 793912442.wem (Dark Hero Male Ending)
241. 897284794.wem (Dark Hero Female ending)

01. 6642460.wem (The other Chimera battle theme, which the now deleted youtube rip called Pursuit)
72. 280951241.wem (Intro for the first part of Pursuit)
181. 673942252.wem (The First Part of Pursuit, before the action starts)
260. 944995400.wem (Music that leads from Pursuit Part 1 to Part 2)

95. 351105181.wem (Central City (Zone 36) Intro)
162. 609564911.wem (Ark Mall Area Intro)
03. 17620781.wem (Harmony Station Combat's Intro)
64. 254622932.wem (Harmony Station Intro)
134. 518935484.wem (Maison Forest Daytime (Zone 09) Intro)
66. 257972419.wem (Music used in Maison Forest before the actual Daytime theme comes in)
111. 421252627.wem (Maison Forest MidNight (Zone09) Intro)
127. 494503177.wem (Grand Avenue Bridge. Not really part of the music, but ambient sound that you can hear better if you turn the music off)

11. 33712307.wem (Mission Briefing Music)

50. 195106861.wem (Music commonly used for Akira or the MC being sad. Like in file 03)

56. 223631139.wem (Some suspense music, first used for the Ark Mall Entrance)

58. 229313840.wem (Soundeffect for getting a Wrong Answer)
99. 369021107.wem (Short soundeffect for solving a red case)
275. 1001549734.wem (Soundeffect for digging up an item with Beastlegion)

63. 249865858.wem (Instrumental Intro for the flashback music)
90. 340975984.wem (Vocal Intro for the flashback music)
153. 593363392.wem (The rest of the flashback theme)

04. 19445490.wem (File 07's (which I will call Rayleigh Plaza) Music for fighting the Homunculus at the start)
231. 853464292.wem (Intro for the above music)
101. 369202375.wem (Seems to be a bridge for in between loops? I dont know for sure)

57. 223765545.wem (The actual Rayleigh Plaza area theme for the indoor area)
233. 862706927.wem (Rayleigh Plaza Theme, sounds almost the same as track 57)
67. 258992248.wem (A short bit that starts the track after combat phases out)
239. 888495679.wem (The intro for the above music theme)
82. 310361805.wem (Rayleigh Plaza Combat's Intro)
210. 762728395.wem (The Rayleigh Plaza combat theme)
263. 959087589.wem (an intense version of Rayleigh Plaza's music, starts the second variation)
121. 455463583.wem (Rayleigh Plaza second variation, plays as soon as you get outside again)
86. 321324212.wem (Music as the Homunculus chases you at Rayleigh Plaza, goes in between the second variation)
93. 348163101.wem (A calmer variation for the Rayleigh Plaza, as there is some downtime from action)
146. 579823583.wem (And the intro for this calmer version)
71. 279693747.wem (Rayleigh Plaza, the final phase of the area before the boss fight)

94. 349345595.wem (Music for Chasing Jena in file 04 and for the Fog Red case in file 10)

154. 594003707.wem (Human combat: like fighting Alan or the street thugs in File 04)
257. 940999678.wem (Human combat Intro)
130. 507076761.wem (Human Combat ending)

162. 609564911.wem (Ark Mall's Special Intro)

177. 665466909.wem (Short bit of music for the aftermath of the Homunculus Gamma fight)
199. 726578207.wem (Short bit of music for the aftermath of the Homunculus Alfa fight)

198. 726310949.wem (The music for when You're fighting Akira as a fused legion in File 09)

268. 976087079.wem (File Introduction Music)
262. 952021458.wem (File Ending Report Intro)
272. 983792715.wem (File Ending Report Music)
218. 783638470.wem (File Report Background Music)

228. 833794539.wem (Red Alert Music, first heard at the start of File 07)

283. 1026979240.wem (Stealth Mission music)
251. 919305908.wem (Intro for the stealth mission music)

255. 931495910.wem (The music for when you have to make the final attack on Noah Prime after the actual boss battle)

10-25-2019, 03:20 AM

11-04-2019, 08:12 AM
Any updates? I'd love the gamerip soundtrack.

11-05-2019, 05:18 PM
Sorry, I'm still working on it... I hope I can have it for the end of the month but I'm really not sure. I'm trying my best !
And thank you Kadron, this is sooo helpful !

11-05-2019, 08:04 PM
Sorry, I'm still working on it... I hope I can have it for the end of the month but I'm really not sure. I'm trying my best !
And thank you Kadron, this is sooo helpful !

Hey, no worries. Please take your time. I'm in no rush, was just curious if it was still being worked on. :)

Thank you so much!

11-05-2019, 11:49 PM
Yes, don't worry, I'm still working on it ;) Thank you for patience ! I'll try to do some update when I can.