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Saber Marionette R is a cyberpunk OVA from 1995, created in coupling with Hiroshi Negishi and Satoru Akahori. :)
This was the very first time I was introduced to Toshiyuki Omori's music. It was love at first sight :) It has bee almost an impossible task to get all Saber Marionette CDs , almost over though ;)
In "Saber Marionette R", "R" stands for "Roman". The place where it takes place ("Romana" in the actual plot). The soundtrack, despite having Toshiyuki's composing signatures on his upbeat tracks, some tracks have a Mediterranean style, which is noticing specially on the instruments used. And some also, some great evil cues. ("SECRET WAY no Iyou")
I may have a lot of personal favorite soundtracks from Omori (Devil hunter Yohko, Lunar Legend Tsukihime, Virus Buster Serge) but this, one, perhaps for the emotional part it has for me, is my top 1 favorite. :D
So many good tracks, but I can point some of the memorable ones like, "STARFACE no Yabou" (this one, first time I saw the anime, it was song that stayed creepy in my head 0_0), "ROMANA Seiatsu C3", "Uruwashiki Tsuigeki sha ~SEXADOLL EDGE~C-5", "Haikouzan no Shuugeki ~SEXADOLL BLEED~D-4", "BLOODBERRY to no Wakare~Tabidachi" (tear jacking to me everytime i remember that scene).
But overall.... :) :D ;)
Now I need to re-watch my VHS of Saber Marionette R. :D

Ripped in MP3 VBR -V0 by me :), and Scanned in JPG by a good friend ;) Thank you padepadou

Please do Enjoy this release of mine, and expect more soon ^_^

Release date: 1995.09.06
catalogue number: KICA-255
Label: Starchild Records / KING RECORDS CO., LTD.
Music Composed by: Toshiyuki Omori


01. Utsukushiki Romana [A-1+A-2] 3'58
02. Starface no Yabou <B-7> 2'09
03. Sexual Marionettes I [D-1 (Fade out Version)] 2'45
04. Romana Seiatsu [C-3+C-2] 2'58
05. Uruwashiki Tsuigeki sha ~Sexadoll Edge~ [C-5+B-1] 3'50
06. Shita no Kaisou he -Themes from Saber Marionette Girls-
[E-4+E-3'+A-2(Variation)] 3'37
07. Haikouzan no Shuugeki ~Sexadoll Bleed~ [D-4 +B-2] 3'25
08. Bloodberry to no Wakare~Tabidachi 1'53
09. Dakishimete Lovin' you 4'47
10. Intermezzo [E-3+D-3] 1'59
11. Sexret Way no Iyou [A-4+C-4] 4'10
12. Sexual Marionettes II [D-1' (Fade out Version)] 2'44
13. Fuuinsareta Kako ~Face to Birei~ [B-6] 2'40
14. Sennyu [C-6(Cut out Version)+B-1'] 3'42
15. CHerry V.S. Sexadoll Kyanni [B-3] 2'56
16. Lime, Saigo no Tatakai! [C-1+C-2'] 3'29
17. Romana Ou no Himitsu [B-5] 2'37
18. Shuuketsu~Mirai he Mukatte [A-3+E-5] 3'39
19. Soba ni Iru yo~Yasashiki EPILOGUE 4'28


"Dakishimete Lovin' you" / "Soba ni Iru yo~Yasashiki EPILOGUE"

Vocals: Hayashibara Megumi, Yuri Shiratori, Akiko Hiramatsu
Lyrics: Narumi Yamamoto
Composed by: Toshiyuki Omori
Arranged by: Toshiyuki Omori

MP3 VBR -V0 (https://mega.nz/#!uxNnhSiQ!KvB8Tc6e40FVQNHDMQ9X49ngrOjkfqhCX9VA-u-0PWQ)

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