09-02-2019, 12:41 AM
The files come from PC version of SCCT.
Rip method relied on just changing every separate level music file extension to .ogg. No recompression like in Shadownet release.

I upload these files in .ogg - so how originally they were encoded. Not in recompressed mp3s.

I also attach tracks by Jesper Kyd (common) - like in Shadownet.


If you play these .ogg files in Foobar, you can find separate file segments, where for some files in artist/album I sometimes added some letters which serves for marking separate songs inside different level music files (exploration/stress/fight).

I didn't really take much attention to these tags since merely anyone listens to music in Foobar.

I couldn't find a good solution for lossless ogg editing, and I didn't want to convert separate segments into FLAC, hence the form.

I hope you'll enjoy anyway like me.

PS. The files playback is not absolutely seamless (though for me only in Foobar - there is a small audible crack during transition to next segment). It is possible to make in Foobar a FLAC convert of chosen segments, to separately encode its parts and also join them to avoid these cracks during playback in F2K. But it will never be a proper FLAC (but still not recompression).
Still, you are free to share here by such encodes.

But, for proper lossless FLAC OST, I'd recommend: Amon Tobin – Chaos Theory The 5.1 Surround Soundtrack, which also contains Dolby Stereo Tracks (downmixed) - DVD-Audio and ALAC. This release will provide the best possible quality, but it contains different track's arrangement, and lack of Bank Exploration track, and Jesper Kyd's ones. Generally normal CD/Retail FLAC rips are available here and there, but in mentioned, different arrangement than in the game.
Someone may be also interested in manual downmix of 5.1 version with F2K plugin and 32 bit encoding. It may result with the best 2.0 quality as my experiences with similar release (but from AC3) shown than on 16 bit.
On DVD-Audio version is also exclusively attached bonus track - Stolen.
Additionally, it is worth to mention Chaos Theory Remixed album which was released in 2011 as Splinter Cell 3D soundtrack.