09-17-2019, 07:34 AM

Recorded using Dolphin. I hacked the game to remove the sound effect that plays when you start a song, since there's normally no way to record them without some of the sound effect playing during the start of the song. I also put together some nice album art using the games' textures, one with the European logo and one with the American logo. Enjoy!

Download links:!hnxDnI7Q!8zM6yeGKYEOTzUME31vbGA
(Each zip contains both cover art versions by the way)

P.S. Removing the sound effect was actually a lot of work (don't worry, I had fun doing it ;)) and it would have been impossible or extremely difficult without a bunch of great tools for working with Wii files, so I'd like to credit them:

the Dolphin Wii emulator, and especially its really nice debugger
ShowMiiWads by Leathl
puff8 by HCS
magcius's fork of VGMTrans