09-17-2019, 07:18 PM
72 tracks

mp3 128kbps - original game files
mp3 320kbps - OST (few same tracks replaced in game files by these tracks - better quality)

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In few places I replaced gameripped files by OST 320kbps since they were the same, but sounded much better.
I attach old files in separate folder, though.

Few tracks from OST differs, or wasn't replaced in main folder.
You will find all those in OST folder.
I left Sniper Town and Fleeing Catacombs from gamerip, leaving it in a separate "old" folder.

As for main MoHAA theme, there are 4 versions:
- gameripped
- gameripped shortened
- from MOHPA Director's Edition (256kbps)
- from OST (320kbps)
Third for some reason was the best, and is attached in the first folder, others in "old" or "OST" folder. I didn't have FLAC version. Here and there on OST 320kbps is applied Replay Gain, since mastering on OST differs from gamerip. You can ignore it, if you listen the music on Foobar, or just check in properties, or delete via RG's RBM option on playlist entry.

Some lossless files you can find in:
Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection (8-CD Box Set), or
[2005] Medal of Honor Allied Assault Original Soundtrack FLAC, or
[2005] Medal of Honor Original Soundtrack FLAC

09-22-2019, 12:11 AM
Oh no.
I forgot to attach to "OST" folder: "05 Labyrinth of the Minotaur.mp3" (320 kbps).
That's also one track which I left like it was in gamerip (louder, 128kbps), and 320kbps should be attached in this separate OST folder like other tracks.
Here you go: