10-03-2019, 02:05 PM
Not sure this could be usefull, but in case of disapperance of soundtracks from other treads...
Not my rip as always, downloaded it from torrent somewhere earlier..
I'm suck at coding and "decoring" too, so it will be just a list of soundtracks..

God damn this shitty lack of space!!! I wasted almost 2,5 hours to makes lists and it didn't saves: (
Screw it!
It's not so hard - open and search something you exactly needed, I suppose, so let it be as it is.
I must warn you: "R" contains mostly with hacks of Megaman. I never listened music from hacks, just kept em, so I can't say it's same or there's some difference between them and original.

Here's a link for downloading:

I also would like to suggest to pay attention on cover maker called "Darkman007". He's really great!
I'll share link on his lossless (mostly) discography also, if somebody will interests. Don't know if there's allowed to make new themes with arrangementers, so please enlight me:) Otherwise, I'll share link with you in pm, guys. This guy masters his relises by self, so they are good in quality, as I hear it, at least..
Battletoads, for example.