06-24-2005, 09:41 PM
well i got kinda bored so i decided to take up a craft kinda take my mind of leveling cause when i get 50 i kinda wana make gil for cross-counters o joy...

ok here goes..

from 0-3 i made carrot broth u will need >> a water crystal and 4 sandy carrots

from 3-10 i mafe orange juice u will need >> a water crystal and 4 saruta oranges

from 10-20 i made selbina butter >> u need an ice crystal , rock salt, and selbina milk

from 20-26 i made meat jerky >> u need ice crystal, dried marjoram, rock salt, and G.sheep meat

from 26-29 i made insect paste >> u need earth crystal, millioncorn, little worm, and distilled water

29-30 pineapple juice >> water and 2 kazham pineapple

30-35 i made meatballs >> u need earth crystal, sandy flour, distilled water, and hare meat

from 35-37 i made fish broth >> u use a water crystal, and 4 bastore sardine

hmm will finish this another day >.> lost sheet for 37-40 lol have rest but will post later..