10-10-2019, 06:15 PM
People have been requesting Quake 1 and 2. Note that all the music was sourced from mixed mode CDs. With Mixed Mode the first audio track should be 02 since 01 is the binary game data. For Quake 1 and 2 I am reposting BoneSatyr's old CD rips since they seem to be fine; I have even kept and reposted the nfo (I just added a folder image). The addons were all ripped by me. I don't own the physical CDs and have had to rely on on CD images provided by others; if there are any quality issues (eg clicks/pops) it is due to a defective rip rather than something I have introduced since I have not edited the music. For most of the albums there was no oline metadata with information about track names.

Quake 1 (https://mega.co.nz/#!mGADTSbC!AAAAAAAAAAB8AVUqC0h4fAAAAAAAAAAAfAFVKgt IeHw)

Quake 2 (https://mega.co.nz/#!qXZXjAAZ!AAAAAAAAAADXht0tJEzLKQAAAAAAAAAA14bdLSR Myyk)

Quake 1 Mission Packs and Addons (https://mega.co.nz/#!iDIhmaYS!AAAAAAAAAABBNOFOJJ3w5QAAAAAAAAAAQTThTiS d8OU) (Mission Pack 1 Scourge of Armagon, Mission Pack 2 Dissolution of Eternity, Mission Pack 3 Abyss of Pandemonium, Malice TC, Shrak TC, X-Men - The Ravages Of Apocalypse TC)

Quake 2 Mission Pack 1 The Reckoning (https://mega.co.nz/#!rCJFVSYS!AAAAAAAAAABippGcvZUZswAAAAAAAAAAYqaRnL2 VGbM)

I skipped Quake 2 Mission Pack 2 since it apprently only contained recycled music from the base game and MP1.

Currently I lack the following digital lossless releases: Quake - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges; and Quake 2 - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges

10-10-2019, 08:12 PM
Thank you very much!

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10-11-2019, 03:04 AM
I grabbed Quake 1. I used to have the game on CD which had the redbook audio on it. I lost it somewhere back in the day so I'm glad to grab this again. Cheers.

10-12-2019, 08:18 AM
Would the Quake 2 Mission Pack 2 be the one called "Ground Zero"? I thought that one had some unique stuff on it (I have in 320kbps)... the track sixth track in, "Complex 13", can't be found on the others, for example. Or at least I can't find it. Would be fun to get lossless.

Phenomenal share, btw :) . My lossless Quake Quest is...almost... over!