10-13-2019, 01:40 AM
Hi... I write this thread to ask two questions, because I need the insight from experts in the matter. Hope I'm not violating any terms.
1) I want to buy a particular digital soundtrack in Bandcamp, so I could start getting the money. But... how should one make the payment?
2) I used to have an account in Bandcamp, and I tried to log in today in order to reset my password, but my email wasn't recognized, so I think my account was terminated. Given that I used my account to purchase five albums with "name your prize" (i.e. you could get them for free if you wanted, though you could get unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp app by paying at least $1) and nothing more, what are the common causes for account termination?
Ok, again, I hope I'm not violating any terms... thanks to anyone who could answer this...

10-13-2019, 11:52 PM
I always pay for purchases from Bandcamp with Paypal, but you can also add a credit card. I have no idea why your account was terminated. My son has had an account for over 5 years without buying anything. See the Terms of Use (, or contact Bandcamp Support ( if you still have questions.