10-15-2019, 03:42 PM

Tonic Trouble Soundtrack

Source: DVD 5.1 48kHz
Demuxed by Droolie (a.k.a. Bar) (AC3):

The tracks can be easily played in stereo with Foobar and AC3 decoder plugin, and with downmix to stereo plugin in File>Preferences>DSP.

"No Vegetable HQ or the rest of Doc's Cave. Some parts are missing/abridged so it's a R2 PS1-like situation, but unlike that, this soundtrack also has entirely new parts!" (and quality, and one, previously unknown new bonus track).

01 - Intro, in many languages
02 - "Here comes Ed", a song from a promotional video
03 - Glacier Cocktail
04 - Pyramid
05 - Gr�gh HQ
06 - Bonus/Crazy Town
07 - Pressure Cooker
08 - North Plain
09 - South Plain
10 - Credits
11 - Bonus Track
12 - Doc's Cave (part 3?)
13 - Canyon
14 - Ski Slope

Tonic Trouble DVD OST downmixed FLAC 2.0 by deton24

Size: 1GB

Source file was AC3 16 bit, but this FLAC was encoded at float 32 bit. It resulted somehow in better quality in comparison to 16 bit, presumably due to appearance of downmix DSP and/or AC3>FLAC conversion (in normal cases it's shouldn't be necessary). It gave 24 bit files with 32 bit setting in encoder anyway (probably encoder or F2K bug) but even in this case, 32 bit instead of 24 set in encoder (though result files are 24 bit) it somehow resulted in better quality. No dithering. Furthermore, 1.33 FLAC x64 encoder version was used, which officially is not available for Windows. It's been gathered compiled from external source. Seeing in Spek, rather all tracks beside Intro, in reality are 44kHz.

PC gamerip by Droolie (lower quality, more complete):

PC Special Edition by Kooz: