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This is the complete Dead Can Dance MFSL remaster release from 2008 on 9 SACD. Since this release was limited, it has been sold out for a long time now. The SACD layer is digitally transfered with a Playstation 3 (until Firmware 3.55 the device was able to read out SACD data) without any quality loss and stored in a .iso file (log files included). You can easily create a custom SACD by burning the .iso on a blank DVD, since physically a SACD is just a DVD. Make sure your SACD player can read it. If you play your music from HDD, foobar2000 can play SACD images, either in DSDtoPCM mode or pure DSD, it depents on your sound device and if it is able to process DSD data stream. To get a better sound experience and bit accurate playback on your computer I strongly recommend the WASAPI plugin for bypassing windows sound module directly to your sound device.You can find tutorials how to do that quite easily.

About the music and its release there�s nothing much to�s just Dead Can Dance in a superior quality compared to the original U.K. releases on CD. Some songs of DCD were used in movies like Baraka (The Host Of Seraphim) or S. Darko (The Carnival Is Over). Singer Lisa Gerrard also worked with some composers on movie scores, probably most popular and well known is her joint venture with Hans Zimmer, which resulted in a great score for Gladiator. She also created the score of Whale Rider, another remarkable example of her work.

Additionally the download folder contains a little bonus: 2 MFSL vinyl releases (Spiritchaser & Into The Labyrinth) and the first U.K. test pressing (pretty rare nowadays) of Towards The Within. The equipment used is listed in a textfile included in the regarding album folder.

Thanks to the original uploader since all this stuff is a web find from 7 years ago.

Titel: Dead Can Dance - 2008 MFSL Remaster Box / Towards The Within (4AD, 1994) / Spiritchaser (MFSL, 2010) / Into The Labyrinth (MFSL, 2010)

Date: 2008

Size: 11.5GB + 3.78GB (optional bonus download)

Format: SACD .iso file with DSD64 stereo + Bonus: 3 vinyl rips in 24/96 flac format: Into The Labyrinth (MFSL), Spiritchaser (MFSL) & Towards The Within (1st U.K. test pressing)

Artwork: complete & included

Hoster: mega

Downloadlink: Requests here in the thread, links will be recieved via PM.

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You�re welcome and I hope you enjoy it.

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Link has been send :) By the way, one can easily convert the DSD-Files into another format (flac, mp3) with foobar2000.

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Link has been send :) By the way, one can easily convert the DSD-Files into another format (flac, mp3) with foobar2000.

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Hi. I managed to download it. I'm on a Mac and am trying to extract the files with no luck. I have tried using the unarchiver, and UnRarX. If somebody on a Mac could offer me some help I would appreciate it.

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May I have the links please?

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The Hand
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I'm on a Mac and am trying to extract the files with no luck. I have tried using the unarchiver, and UnRarX.

Make sure your unpacking software can handle the current rar format. Try the original winrar 5.71 for MAC.

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