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Title: Capricorn One

Artist: Jerry Goldsmith/National Philharmonic orchestra

Year: 1978 Re-recording

This Release: 2012

Label: Perseverance Records

Format: Flac

Size:196 MB

Scans included

One of Goldsmith's greatest film scores,this re-recorded soundtrack(London recording with the NPO) LP differs considerably from the original soundtrack(MGM Scoring Stage)but is equally excellent in it's own ways. This is detailed in the outstanding set of liner notes. An outstanding studio sanctioned re-recording that predated the release of the original score for over 25 years.

Title: Outland - Capricorn One

Artist: Jerry Goldsmith/National Philharmonic orchestra

Year: 1981,1978

This Release: 1993 Re-recordings

Label: Crescendo

Format: Flac

Size: 410

Scans included

An alternative title to the Perseverance one(identical re-recording) with the added bonus of Goldsmith's 1981 score,Outland.

10-21-2019, 08:57 PM
Thank you.

10-21-2019, 09:12 PM
This is one of the best conspiracy action movies ever filmed and it contains one of Jerry Goldsmith's best scores.
This is actually a re-recording that was done in London right after the actual film soundtrack was recorded and it sounds really good.
Thank you for sharing this gem freely.

10-21-2019, 09:14 PM
thank you

10-21-2019, 09:27 PM
nice post with capricorn not really a fan of any re recorded version but nice to see a post for the movie soundtrack just the same..

10-21-2019, 09:33 PM
Cool share KWB, many thanks.

Cheers, Paul

10-21-2019, 09:39 PM
I read that Jerry Goldsmith had re-recorded his score because he was not satisfied in his first recording at M-G-M Studio Score Stage (Culver City, California).
THIS is the version that the composer wanted it, thank you for this sharing.
And of course, reputation point added.

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I thank you,Daniel.

You are most correct,Sir. Maestro Goldsmith got a mulligan and in my opinion,the 2nd time around was the charm.

Until Intrada and FSM came on the scene back in the late1990's resurrecting movie scores from the 35mm masters,many "soundtracks" that the general public is familiar with tend to be studio sanctioned re-recordings,10-13 tracks and about 40-45 minutes in length. Just about what both sides of a 33 and one third record could hold.

10-21-2019, 09:52 PM
turner6, thanks for the info about the re recording..i did not know that..

it sounds like with capricorn one there was a pretty good reason to re do the recordings but with most film scores its usually the result of the master tapes just being lost..

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Thank you very much, rep added.

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Thank you, KWB :)
Rep added.

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Updated original post with additional link.

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thanks for the FLAC version..maybe its worth a listen even as a re recording..

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Amazing upload! Many thanks

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Thanks for the added bonus and my gratitude for providing a direct link to the communauty.

I checked the Jerry Goldsmith online website and it seems that this rerecording (Outland/Capricorne One) is classified as excellent (four stars):

And I do agree with this rating.

10-22-2019, 12:57 AM
Thank you for sharing! I've long preferred this re-recording to the score as heard in the film.

10-22-2019, 01:53 AM
Sometimes the soundtrack re-recordings come out better than the original score. I think this is one of those examples. Almost always with the original composer/conductor and most of the time with the same orchestra. Usually within a few weeks of the original recording. Not like the City of Prague Orchestra re-recording Ben-Hur 50 years after the fact,though some of the modern re-recordings are flat out excellent.

web traveller
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Thank you.

Ministry Of Music
10-22-2019, 02:58 AM
Beautiful. Thanks. Capone is still enjoyable today as a film to watch, and of course the soundtrack makes it so !!

10-22-2019, 04:48 AM
Isn't that great?
It's real good, that
Real good

10-22-2019, 04:54 AM
I''m pleased that you are delighted,BlueLavender.

Indulge yourself and get both titles.

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Thank you very much!

the marvin
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Thanks so much!

10-22-2019, 09:43 AM
John Williams' Jaws may be the score that got me interested in film scores, but Jerry Goldsmith's Capricorn One was the score that hooked me in the gills. I was almost out of my mind with excitement before the red-text-on-black opening credits were over, and fighting the urge to cheer in the finale, and it was all Jerry's doing. I can say with a straight face that if I could I would have offered up the rest of my life to buy him even just one more year. Thank you, KWB.

10-22-2019, 03:43 PM
My pleasure in sharing this title my friend.

Film Score Monthly calls the period from 1960 to 2000 the silver age of music. In my opinion the two composers at the top composing film music were Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. Put them in any order. My favorites,anyway.

10-22-2019, 03:49 PM
kenny, im quite surprised so many people are interested in the re recordings of capricorn one..but i guess its worth having for the reasons already mentioned..

10-23-2019, 04:25 AM
Thanks for this!

10-23-2019, 04:57 AM
Thanks for this. I have the soundtrack in MP3, now I have it in a lossless format. Cheers.

10-23-2019, 02:52 PM
Thank you

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Thanks for these two SF scores by the great Goldsmith; I watched again Outland not long ago; a very good movie !

m.a. de hoyos
11-01-2019, 07:05 PM
Thanks very much.

11-01-2019, 07:14 PM
Thanks a lot KWB ! Rep added !

Simon Philips
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Great post! Thanks so much!!

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Thank you very much, indeed!!!

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Thank you so much!

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Many thanks KWB :)

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Thank you for these scores.

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James Jordan
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