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Title: King Solomons Mines

Artist: Jerry Goldsmith/Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra

Year: 1985 Original soundtrack digital recording

This Release: 2006

Label: MGM Records/Prometheus

Format: Flac

Size: 448 MB

Scans included

As accomplished a film composer as Jerry Goldsmith was,the man was not beyond sitting back,observing and taking notes. John Williams was taking the film music world by storm from 1975 to 1985. Goldsmith's score for King Solomons Mines I believe was heavily influenced by the Indiana Jones Series of films. In my opinion,this score is more than a match for any of them. A very campy movie sticks out like a sore thumb when matched with a world class movie score and because of this, here is a very underrated Goldsmith score. A purely orchestral score at a time when electronics were starting to take over movie scores,so this one is 71 minutes of total joy to hear as the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra knocked this one out of the park. One of his best film scores IMHO. eus%2529.rar/file

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Kenny, thank you for the link and the sheer pleasure of more great music ...
As usual, a fantastic soundtrack.

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thanks for the link..i never cared for the movie but the music from it was good..

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Very much thanks!!!

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks. Love the movie and the score

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Thanks for the share…

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Oh my god, a re-recording... Thanks ;)

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Oh my god, a re-recording... Thanks ;)
Actually,this is the original soundtrack recording.

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Thanks a lot. Very deeply appreciated!!!

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Excellent score- many thanks Kenny!