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Title: Yankee Sails Across Europe/ Grizzly!

Artist: Elmer Bernstein/Jerome Moross

Year: 1967 National Geographic Special TV Scores

This Release: 2003

Label: Intrada

Format: Flac Mono-Stereo enhanced

Size: 345 MB

Scans included

Two National Geographic TV scores from 1967,from none other than Elmer Bernstein and Jerome Moross. Markcope 1961 did a 24 bit mono to stereo conversion of this title for me. Not really true high fidelity sound with night and day clarity as to separation,this still is a whole lot better than listening to a soundtrack in dead mono and really enhances the listening experience for me. Kind of like a car radio reverb unit from the 1960's. The Moross score is a pleasure to hear. 2529.rar/file

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This title is a discovery for me, I know many scores of composers Jerome Moross and Elmer Bernstein but this one was totally unknown to me until now, thanks to you. It is not a discovery but rather a happy discovery:)
Thanks a lot Kenny!

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Another jewel from masters Moross and Bernstein. Thanks again for all these wonderful gifts !

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