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The soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain's Secret of the Best Original Music, published by Verve Forecast
(Universal) in 2005, under the English title Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Brokeback Mountain
includes some of the following songs, all credited to the credits of the film, in addition to the original
music composed by Gustavo Santaolalla (Opening, Brokeback Mountain in three parts, Snow, Riding
Horses and The Wings).

Tracklist: Surround 5.1 96Hz/24Bits (FLAC)

1. Opening
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine
3. Brokeback Mountain 1
4. A Love That Will Never Grow Old
5. King Of The Road
6. Snow
7. The Devil's Right Hand
8. No One's Gonna Love You Like Me
9. Brokeback Mountain 2
10. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
11. I Will Never Let You Go
12. Riding Horses Gustavo Santaolalla
13. An Angel Went Up In Flames
14. It's So Easy
15. Brokeback Mountain 3
16. The Maker Makes
17. The Wings

Download version FLAC Edition 5.1 here:!tgQwQKDQ!Cf3KDrs4zwE1uckAB73_ClgogjEqCcYyqc2ZJ1PaROU

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Thanks for this share. Lovely score.

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Thank you

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Looking forward to hearing this in 5.1- many thanks!

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Looking forward to hearing this in 5.1- many thanks!

Your'e welcome ;)