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Title: Those Calloways

Artist: Max Steiner

Year: 1965

This Release: 2013 Original soundtrack

Label: Intrada

Format: Flac

Size: 456 MB

Scans included

Max Steiner's last film score to reach movie theaters was recorded in stereo and totally symphonic in nature. Those aspects make it a real treat for me. A superb sounding score from the film that bears the final credit of a musical giant:"Music by Max Steiner".

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I share the thoughts about this score -- truly, his final and wonderful work! Thank you for sharing!!!

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thank you

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Thank you so much!!!

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Great score, Sir, thank you very much for another gem ...
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daniel, if ur in a giving mood with reps then please feel free to add a few to me sure the system will allow it !!

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Rep added, Kenny, and thanks again for a great score composed by Max Steiner.

You are one of the best uploaders of this Forum, Jerry Will, CrowmanB, PPKA, Dakoftheota, mr_merrick and yourself.


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daniel, you forgot one other uploader..that is urself..over the past few years all ur uploads have been outstanding here on the shrine site !! i know you didnt wanna toot ur own someone else will do it for you..

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Thank you very much for this great soundtrack, really appreciated !

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Thank you

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great sharing, thank you!

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thank you...😊

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Thank you very much, indeed!!!

10-28-2019, 04:11 PM
Ive had a weird and uneven relationship with Steiner's music. I remember watching gone with the wind when I was little and being absolutely blown away by the scope and majesty of its music. Then I watched Casablanca, which became my favorutie movie for all my adolescence, it also had steiner's name attached. Then, I started to collect soundtracks and scores and I got lukewarm with steiners music outside the context of the images and story. Now lately Ive been liking his music very much again. I mean, he'll never be one of my favorites, like Herrmann or Rozsa or even bronislau kaper or Korngold, but I consider him as one of the best at making the hollywood sound.

And by your opening comments this sounds very promising, thanks for the share!

10-28-2019, 06:44 PM
KWB Thanks for this 'Max Steiner - Those Calloways' Nicely produced soundtrack from Disney

above average quality apart from the sub-standard material Disney turned out back in the 1960's

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thanks ;)

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Thank you so much, KWB!