10-29-2019, 05:39 AM
Asgard Online


Asgard is an old Korean MMORPG from 2001 developed by Nexon. The soundtrack was composed by be ( (Hwang Joo-Eun) and JIMMie ( (Park Jee-Hoon). The game is still available from Nexon Korea (, and these files were ripped directly from the updated client. I tagged and organized the files, and tried to give English titles to files that didn't have one. I used this page ( as a reference for naming.

Asgard Online
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Tracks: 97
Time: 3 hours 2 minutes
File Size: 240 MB


MEGA (!uBMzVKZB!SaJLjeSR_T23omrZSsYHsildiZWKNoADPkdzv5xyGo4)

10-30-2019, 08:12 AM
Great! Thanks