10-29-2019, 06:14 PM
The music was ripped from the 2 ISO images of this FPS game (both disks were mixed mode). I believe the music comes from the first trilogy of Star Wars films, which most people here would already have in some form. Still, this may be of interest to game music collectors or Star Wars affficionados. The tracks aren't named (apologies).

I am using Safelinking with a captcha this time since my description refers to famous films (thanks to others for suggesting it to me).

Link on Mega: (https://safelinking.net/gudMp5T) 214 MB

10-30-2019, 03:27 AM
The tracks in Jedi Knight are actually heavily edited from the originals, so they're still kind of worth listening to, on their own. It's good to have these in lossless.