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Hey Guys,

Here is the new music from FFXIV Patch 5.1. There are 13 tracks in total, with the majority of them coming from the new Nier Automata themed raid content. These songs should be on the Nier Automata OST and thus would be available in better quality, however I'm not sure if these are new arrangements of the OST songs or not since I'm not very intimate with that music.

Some notes on some of the songs:

~719825a7 is an alternate (off-key) version of the "Starlight de Chocobo" song that will presumably be played during the annual Starlight Festival. The last time they did something similar to this there was a rhythm mini-game involved and the outcome was based on your performance; a normal sounding song being the result, or the off-key version if you messed up too much. This is the latter version of the "song". It's also in m4a format opposed to mp3 since it was a 4-track ogg file, which anything over stereo tracks it doesn't like converting to mp3.
~b9f90632 was in the Heavensward data file. I can only assume this will be used for the Restoration of Ishgard content that will be released later on, or it's something they snuck in for New Game+ mode.
Regarding two of the songs from the Nier Automata raid, there were two orchestrion tracks named "The Sound of the End" and "Weight of the World (Prelude Version)". Neither of these tracks sound like their respective titles from the OST, and instead sound like they are arrangements of "Bipolar Nightmare" from the OST, with each of the tracks featuring female and male vocals/chanting. I've left the track names as they appear in the orchestrion data, but I didn't want there to be any confusion by trying to correlate these tracks with their OST counterparts.


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I think Weight of the World is a remix of its original. You can clearly hear the melodies from it, and with the FF Prelude mixed within.

The Sound of the End is indeed the Bipolar Nightmare. Not sure if it's their mistake taking the name from another track.

10-30-2019, 06:38 AM
The majority of YoRHa raid is from Nier Automata. Except the Weight of the World is a new arrangement.

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NieR music always good

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Thank you for this and your work on all previous patches too :P

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Thanks for the rip, oh man listening to Weight of the World (Prelude Version) for the first time during that boss battle was amazing.
I love how they mixed the prelude into it.

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Thank you!

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Thanks again for this Orophin. :D

In regards to the titles for the NieR tracks being mixed up in the Orchestrion, I'm taking it as simply a mistake by SE's FFXIV localization team as they've done this once before with Orchestrion Rolls being given the wrong titles by mistake (the titles for the 1.0 tracks On Windy Meadows, Twilight Over Thanalan and Whisper of the Land were also mixed up when they were first added to the Orchestrion too, and were eventually fixed in a patch). I know it has been reported to SE by players on the official forum as a bug so it's only a matter of time before SE fixes it in a future patch as well.

As for track b9f90632, I'm liable to agree with you that this is planned for the upcoming Ishgard Restoration, as it's a remix of the Ishgardian themes (I believe the specific area that the restoration content will be focusing on is called 'The Firmament', so I'm calling this track that until the correct title is released in the future by SE). ;)

Anyway, thank you so much for uploading this. :D