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(http://www.imagebam.com/image/a5ee9c1323796018) (http://www.imagebam.com/image/7e75731323796021) (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b664d91323796025) (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c03bcc1323796028)

I want to give a special thanks to DaUpp for making these beautiful covers. I love how they evoke both the terror and surrealism of the story. So please give DaUpp rep for these lovely covers. These covers, plus a couple more, are included in this set.

Hey there fellow shriners, in honor of the 30th Anniversary to the 1989 horror drama hit Pet Sematary, here is my Renegade Edit to one of Elliot Goldenthal's best scores, and my third favorite score of his.

Based on the best selling novel by the king of horror himself Stephen King, the story centers around the Creed family, who have just moved from Chicago to Ludlow, Maine. However, when the family's cat Church gets killed by a hit and run, their next door neighbor Jud Crandell leads the father to the pet cemetery (or, misspelled as sematary). But beyond the cemetery is an Indian burial ground that has the power to bring back the dead and when Church comes back the next morning, hes not exactly the same friendly cat that they knew and loved. What follows from there on is a series of events leading to tragedy, grievance and bloodshed.

King himself has gone on record to state that out of all the books he has written, Pet Sematary is the one that scared him the most, as most of the source material is based on real life scenarios that happened to him, such as the time his daughter's cat was killed on a hit and run, as well as the time he had saved his own son just a few seconds before a truck nearly hit him. Plus, according to a documentary I had seen, there actually was a real life Pet Sematary in the Maine community and that there were many other events that inspired him to write the story.

Before Pet Sematary, Goldenthal was a relatively unknown composer among the movie business, but when director Mary Lambert heard his music from the broadway musical hit Juan Dari�n: A Carnival Mass, she immediately hired him to compose the score. When Making the score, Goldenthal used a mixture of orchestra strings, piano, and chorus to give the score a wide range of scope, while the sharp range of synthesized sounds gave the score a feeling of unease, as Goldenthat wanted to capture the feeling of both innocents and dreadfulness the story was presenting. Afterwards, both the film and the score were massive hits, giving both the film and Goldenthal the spotlight they deserved. From there on, the rest is film history.

When La La Land Records resurrected the score back in 2013, I was so excited to finally hear this score updated, and I have to say, the anticipation and money spent was more than worth it. The LLL set is a vast improvement from the original release, the sound was great, the new material made the flow of the score more stronger, and the bonus material was interesting to listen to.

I originally planned to make my own version back in March (back when the remake of the film came out) but felt that there couldn't be anything else to improve on. But then one day when I re-wateched the film again, I noticed that not only 30% of the music that was in the film tracked, but that some of the original tracks were edited differently compared to the OST, and so the process of making the 30th Anniversary Edition was born.

I didn't want to edit the score exactly as heard in the film (as some repeated tracks became repetitive and a couple of edited tracks just sounded a bit jarring), and so I decided to give myself a compromise and make my edition a cross between what was heard on the OST and what was heard in film. By doing so:

1. I only used tracked music sparingly.
2. I separated most of the tracks into individual ones, and some I either combined or left alone, depending on how it would flow with the overall listening experience.
3. I only edited a few tracks as they were heard in the film, as those tracks (such as The Warning Tour) sounded better edited that way.

And as an added bonus, I made an assembly album of the score (inspired by the original album), by using both the new material and the album versions from the bonus material. Plus, for the first time ever, the songs "Pet Sematary" and "Shenna Is A Punk Rocker" from the Ramones are finally incorporated on a version of this score.

I made a few notes while making this set, breaking down the basics of what I used to make this version and how it differentiates from all other versions, plus I also explain some of the reasons why I made those changes. The notes are included in this set in case your interested.

I really hope you all love this version.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/k0ah3a830a48icu/Pet_Sematary_%281989%29_%2830th_Anniversary_Editio n%29_FLAC_-_Elliot_Goldenthal.zip/file

Track List:

Disc 1: The Film Score + Songs (1:01:53)
01. Pet Sematary (Main Titles) (3:07)
02. The Creed Family (2:41)
03. The Path (0:24)
04. Lullaby Waltz (0:57)
05. Victor Pascow (0:50)
06. The Warning Tour*** (2:32)
07. Thanksgiving (0:58)
08. Bad News* (0:28)
09. Deadfall Invitation (0:54)
10. The Indian Burial Ground (2:49)
11. Soil Of A Man's Heart* (0:55)
12. Church's Return (2:05)
13. Missy’s Apology (0:49)
14. The Facts Of Death (1:14)
15. Zelda (1:52)
16. The Kite (1:46)
17. Grief Struck** (1:05)
18. "Dead Is Better" (2:05)
19. Sour Grounds (0:55)
20. Foreboding Dreams (1:44)
21. Deadly Choice (1:18)
22. Gentle Exhuming (1:05)
23. Dead Recollection (1:18)
24. Rachel Against Time (1:09)
25. Hope And Ordeal (2:19)
26. The Return Game (5:00)
27. Reunion (2:51)
28. Nine Lives Minus Seven (1:52)
29. The Return Game II (4:45)
30. Immolation (1:36)
31. Till Death Do Us Part (Finale)*** (2:09)
32. Pet Sematary - Ramones (3:33)
33. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Ramones (2:51)

Disc 2: The Assembly Album + Extras (51:13)
01. Pet Sematary (Theme) (3:07)
02. The Creed Family (1:38)
03. The Warning Tour (2:01)
04. Deadly Choice (1:18)
05. The Indian Burial Ground (2:49)
06. Church's Return (1:07)
07. Zelda (1:52)
08. The Kite (1:26)
09. Gentle Exhuming (1:05)
10. "Dead Is Better" (2:05)
11. Sour Grounds (0:55)
12. Dead Recollection (1:21)
13. Rachel Against Time (1:07)
14. Hope And Ordeal (1:49)
15. The Return Game (3:39)
16. Reunion (2:51)
17. Nine Lives Minus Seven (0:19)
18. The Return Game II (2:54)
19. Adieu Gage (1:29)
20. Immolation (1:36)
21. Till Death Do Us Part (0:59)
22. The Funeral (Source) (1:08)
23. The Funeral (Source - Alternate) (1:28)
24. Pet Sematary (Alternate Mix) (3:05)
25. Sour Grounds (Alternate) (0:55)
26. Hope And Ordeal (Alternate Mix) (1:22)
27. Nine Lives Minus Seven Little (Alternate Ending) (0:28)
28. The Return Game II (Film Edit)*** (4:21)
29. The Stinger (Alternate Takes) (1:01)

Total Runtime (1:53:25)

*Tracked Music
** With Minor Tracked Music
***Film Edit With Some Tracked Music

If you have any problems with the link, just let me know.

Hope you have a great day and have yourselves an awesome Halloween.

Peace Out! :)

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