10-31-2019, 10:48 PM
Here is my private rip of the soundtrack to the cult classic Tim Burton style 2D animated platforming PC game "Nightmare Ned" that Disney wants to forget just like the TV Show. I actually reached out to the main composer a long time ago about if he would be willing to share the missing tracks from both Nightmare Ned and 101 Dalmatian: Escape From DeVil Manor which I will post later in November with others I'm releasing from my private collection. He respond back a day later and gave me what he had. Yet I kept it to myself not because the composer requested to but I did so in order to release them at a later date. Some of the cues like the songs were ripped directly and edited by me and includes the cutscenes' audio at the best quality possible. This is the truly THE complete score to Nightmare Ned that you'll find on the internet.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween:)

Nightmare Ned [Complete]
Music Composed by Patrick J. Collins and Jim Owen