Ministry Of Music
11-01-2019, 10:44 PM
I do not know the original Japanese name. Looking for original episodes with english subs.

Ministry Of Music
11-17-2019, 11:49 PM
Marine Boy was known as Kaitei Shonen Marien (Marine The Sea Bottom Boy) in
Japan. It was produced in 1966 - 1967 in Japan by Minoru Adachi through K Fujita
Associates Inc and released by Japan Tele Cartoons and Seven Arts Television
world wide. It first appeared on Melbourne television in March 1968 at 4pm on
Channel 9 and was described by TV guides as "The story of Marine Boy's
underwater heroics." It was a very popular sereies and was last seen Melbourne
TV as late as 1988. Stanley Jaffe was the producer of the English version. The
voice of Marine Boy, Neptina and Cli Cli was that of Corinne Orr (female) who
was also the voice of Trixie in Speed Racer. Jack Grimes was the voice of
Professor Fumble and Splasher and Peter Fernandez (other work includes The Space
Giants, Ultraman, and Star Blazers-aka Space Battleship Yamoto and most of the
Godzilla films) was the voice of Piper and Dr Mariner and later went on to be
Speed from Speed Racer. Jack Curtis was the voice of Bulton.
Warner Brothers bought out Seven Arts and its library and holds all the Marine
Boy masters. They have no plans to do anything with them (production info and
voice credits from Andy Shepherd).

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Would like to find it in the original Japanese with english subs. Its gotta be available in Japan.