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One of several CDs from the RTVE label covering the field of the Spanish piano trio, this one, from 1993, has the following tracklist:

1- Armando Blanquer (1935-2005) - CELISTIA (1990)
a) Cepheus
b) Andromeda
c) Perseus
d) Orion
e) Cassiopeia
2- Tom�s Marco (1942) � TRIO CONCERTANTE No. 1 (1983)
3- Gabriel Fern�ndez �lvez (1943-2008) � �MOMPOU� TRIO (1983)
4- Jos� Luis Turina (1952) TRIO (1984)
a) Adagio molto
b) Allegro molto
c) Moto moderato

Unfortunately, each piece gets just one track, without any division taking subsections or movements into account. All four pieces are, to my mind, really worth listening, especially the one by Fern�ndez �lvez, which, as its title indicates, is a tribute to the great Catalan composer Federico Mompou, one of whose pieces is actually quoted.

And yes, Jos� Luis Turina is the grandson of the better-known Joaqu�n Turina.

Performed by the Mompou Trio, in the second of its three line-ups to date: Luciano Gonz�lez Sarmiento (piano), Joan Lluis Jord� (violin) and Mariano Melguizo (cello) (The cellist has been the sole varying element over the group�s many years). They are the dedicatees of the pieces by Blanquer, Marco and Turina. The recording took place in 1991.

Those interested may request the link on this thread.

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