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Larger Than Life is a 1996 American comedy film starring Bill Murray, and directed by Howard Franklin. It was produced and co-written by Pen Densham. The soundtrack was composed by Miles Goodman, who died two months before the film's release. This was Goodman's penultimate score (SOURCE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larger_than_Life_(film))).

The movie flopped at the box office and was trashed by critics, but the soundtrack is very good.

1. Life Is a Carnival
2. Psycho
3. Main Title
4. Salad Bar
5. Dad's Trunk
6. Flying Elephant
7. An Elephant Miracle
8. Airport Chase
9. Swimming
10. The Magnificent Seven Theme
11. The Blue Danube (not film version)

► Complete artwork included.

► Playing time: 31 min.

► Size: FLAC = ~164 MB / mp3@320 = ~77 MB.

► Source: my personal rip and scans.

If you want the album, reply in this thread for the link.

FLAC and mp3 versions are compressed to independent files. I�ll send a list with both links. If you�re interested on only one of them, you may download what you wish.

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