Jerry Will
11-07-2019, 01:50 AM


1. Vocalise - Theme From The Ninth Gate [3:58]
2. Opening Titles [3:35]
3. Corso [3:28]
4. Bernie Is Dead [4:32]
5. Liana [3:03]
6. Plane To Spain (Bolero) [4:48]
7. The Motorbike [1:19]
8. Missing Book/Stalking Corso [4:41]
9. Blood on His Face [1:13]
10. Chateau Saint Martin [4:06]
11. Liana's Death [2:39]
12. 'Boo!'/The Chase [4:29]
13. Balkan's Death [3:52]
14. The Ninth Gate [1:14]
15. Corso And The Girl [3:21]
16. Vocalise - Theme From The Ninth Gate (Reprise) [3:56]

A rare book dealer, while seeking out the last two copies of a demon text, gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones.

► Composer: Wojciech Kilar

► Label: Silva Screen

► Film Produced By: Canal+

► Film Distributed By: Artisan Entertainment

► Quality: Lossless

► Source: My CD Rip

► Artwork: Complete artwork included. My Scans.

► Available at: Out of Print.

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Darth Sphincter
11-14-2019, 11:07 PM
The Ninth Gate. That's a coded-title from the record company, btw. It means this CD soundtrack is The Gateway to Satan Worship!

Y'know, years ago during the 70s, during a record burning session, I heard about this so-called Devil Music. A minister said that this music is the tool of Satan. Since that day, I've often wondered if the Devil has a favorite rock group?

For instance, do you think Satan prefers The Rolling Stones, or Blue Oyster Cult? Maybe Satan's into Rap music? Or, perhaps neither, I don't know.

Personally, I always thought the Devil's Music was that Easy Listening stuff. All those blue-haired old grannies, aka Satan's Minions, sitting in their sewing circles and listening to Liberace while his music fuels their dark, eeevil thoughts about oatmeal raisin cookies. But I'm digressing!

More recently, during the 80s', I remember the Church Lady used to say the same thing about Madonna's music. Coincidence? I think not!

Besides, the Church Lady ought to know: because she's the Church Lady. Duh! I heard Church Lady's on a first name basis with Gawd.

Now, just to be clear, if I play this soundtrack, demonic forces will NOT come flying out of my speakers and getting caught in my ceiling fan, tangled up in my beard, etc. Right?

I'm feeling brave. I'm not afraid. At least, not yet. Besides, it's still light outside.

Thanks very much for sharing your skeery soundtrack, JW.

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