11-07-2019, 08:27 AM
Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest
Ken Kojima

Download (!QC4yECoD!b2GJrtccqYS4Hpycr1mHvICDMHeyTYGPXFpGf3mLT-U)

Blaze & Blade Busters
Sotaro Tojima, Hiroshi Kamo

Download (!4Tog3AYB!gdyku8QR4VrGlA2lF6pHuZdZ6qJJDp4IfO1XLG_JNUs)

Both rips have a few more tracks than the official soundtrack releases and some tracks also sound slightly different from those releases.

11-08-2019, 09:01 AM
Wow thank you so much for coming through! I've fallen in love with these lately... they're far from masterpieces but they're very charming and definitely worth the listen. Thanks again Jessie :)

11-08-2019, 12:54 PM
I have Blaze & Blade and didn't really get into the game but i always liked the music, so when you requested the soundtrack be re-uploaded i thought i might as well do a game rip seeing as how the only rips of the official soundtracks are very old and in lossy. Didn't think there would be so much of a difference between the the official and game rips.

11-14-2019, 02:19 AM
que de souvenir !!!! les musiques du busters sont vraiment sympas ! super trouvaille sur ce forum merci !!!!!
Remember that !!!! the Busters music is really cool! great find on this forum thank you !!!!!